Hi!  Welcome to my blog, Cooking to Delight.

My name is Celia Spivack and I live in Los Altos, California.  I have loved cooking and eating for as long as I can remember…and that is a very long time.  I started making occasional dinners and collecting kitchen equipment and recipes when I was 8 years old and my interest has not diminished with time.  What has changed is that now I place a greater emphasis on healthful eating while still leaving a place for decadent splurges in moderation.  My husband and I enjoy a wide variety of cuisines.

Several years ago, after a long career as a Project Manager and Program Manager for a large computer and software manufacturer in Silicon Valley, I retired.  When I was employed, we would meet annually to create mission and vision statements and the point that stuck with me was that we didn’t want to just meet expectations.  We wanted to DELIGHT our customers.  As I add recipes to this blog, my goal is to delight you and help you in turn to delight your family and friends.

While I enjoy cooking, I get a lot of satisfaction in preparing tasty items that are not very difficult to make and do not take many hours of preparation.   I firmly believe that if you can read, you can become an excellent cook.

My husband and I are especially fortunate to live in the San Francisco Bay Area where there are many different ethnic groups, each with their own wonderful foods and traditions.  We have the benefit of excellent local produce and markets of all types.  The recipes I’ll include should be able to be made with easily accessible ingredients regardless of where you live.  If a recipe calls for something unusual, I will be sure to direct you to a reliable source.  Some of the recipes have been created by me.  Some of the recipes have been collected from other sources and I will try to identify those sources when they are known.

Over time, I will be adding recipes on a regular basis for dishes that have been eaten and enjoyed by my guests.  If you have questions or constructive feedback, please use the comment facility on the page.  If you don’t see your comment post right away, it is because I will be “moderating” the forum to eliminate spam, advertising, and inappropriate content so that I don’t waste your time when you have been gracious enough to visit my site.

While I am an experienced cook, I am not an experienced blogger so please have patience with me as I learn how to give you a usable, enjoyable web experience.

I can also be reached at my email address:  celia (AT) cookingtodelight (DOT) com .

My facebook page is Celia’s Cooking. Feel free to stop by and “Like” it.


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  1. Celia, I LOVE to cook too, and probably also started around age 8 – 10 somewhere in there. My first passion was baking cookies, as a kid. 🙂 I thought I had perfected my Mom’s chocolate chip cookie recipe because I didn’t like how chewy they, so I learned how to change that. Ever since I’ve been cooking and enjoying it. I was the “cook” in the house I shared in college and still like to do it when I have time these days, which isn’t as often as I’d like. I’m going to follow your blog, and looking forward to learning from you.

  2. Great idea! Will you be specializing in seasonal fresh foods? The categories of recipes
    are good–I especially like the “gifts” section. Look forward to receiving good ideas.

  3. It is about time that one as passionate and experienced a gourmet cook as you has started this much needed blog-Like most retired people today, I have become very aware of healthy eating and am trying to limit my meat intake-Luckily I love chicken-Would like to learn new chicken recipes- Thanks for your time-Syb

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